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Me My Kid & Hollyweird: The Adventures Of A Kid Actor

Me My Kid & Hollyweird: The Adventures Of A Kid Actor
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  • Авторы Chartreuse Braun
  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 165
  • Год 2003
  • ISBN 0595296483
  • Аннотация
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Book DescriptionJoin us in the wild, wacky, and sometimes completely stressed-out adventures of a child actor and her mom, as seen through the pages of their journals. This gutsy duo move from a small town in Florida to the hoopla of Hollywood in pursuitof furthering GigiÂ’s dream of acting. Experience the trials and tribulations, the joy and angst, and the entire life drama of what it takes to survive in Hollywood where everything turns weird when thereÂ’s a tween in the houseÂ…

If you have ever had a dreamÂ…this book will inspire you. If you have ever worked toward making your dream a realityÂ…you will love, and relate to, this fantastic look at two peopleÂ’s willingness to follow their hearts. Parents and kids alike will love the brutally honest and often hilarious adventures as you cruise through the pages of their lives.

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