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3D in Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals

3D in Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals
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  • Авторы Zorana Gee, Pete Falco, Bert Monroy, Corey Barker, Russel Brown, Stephen Burns
  • Язык Английский
  • Издательство Focal Press
  • Количество страниц 240
  • Формат 190x245
  • Год 2010
  • ISBN 978-0-240-81377-6
  • Аннотация
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This is the first book of its kind that shows you everything you need to know to create or integrate 3D into your designs using Photoshop CS5 Extended. If you are completely new to 3D, you'll find the great tips and tricks in "3D in Photoshop" invaluable as you get started. There is also a wealth of detailed technical insight for those who want more. Written by the true experts - Adobe's own 3D team - and with contributions from some of the best and brightest digital artists working today, this reference guide will help you to create a comprehensive workflow that suits your specific needs. Along the way, you'll pick up troubleshooting tips and advice from the industry experts and you'll be inspired by many examples of full color, original works of 3D art.
If you're already using Photoshop for your digital art and want to learn how to incorporate your 3D components into one workflow, you'll discover new ways of working with Photoshop that you never knew existed. Find out how to quickly generate beautiful 3D extrusions from text layers, selections and more. Brush up on your painting, texture creation and editing skills, and learn how to composite 3D to 2D scenes. You'll also discover the secrets to creating Lenticular images. It's all here in this comprehensive guide - the next best thing to sitting side-by-side with an Adobe expert while you create 3D magic.

  • Comprehensive coverage of general 3D concepts to get you started if you're new to 3D, or to get you up to speed with the latest information if you're a seasoned pro
  • A supplemental website includes images to practice with, third party application plug-ins, and more
  • Includes step-by-step workflows from some of the industry's best digital artists to inspire and inform your own workflow
  • Answers to the questions most frequently asked of the Adobe Photoshop 3D team

    Note: 3D functionality discussed in this book is only available in Photoshop CS5 Extended.

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